After a long day of fishing, it always feels great to get the wading boots off and slip back in to your comfy footwear for the drive home. Imagine how your fly rod feels. This rod sock will be the cozy slip-ons for your favorite Syndicate, or any other fly rod after a hard day’s work.

These rod socks work great for those days when carrying multiple rods in a travel bag or tube. Plus, you can also fit the rod and sock inside one of our AQUOS or Pipeline tubes for easy transition to those travels. 

These rod socks are designed for 4 piece rods in 10 or 11 foot models, but easily fit shorter rods too. Each section has its own sleeve and the sock includes two sets of laces for tying it all up in a neat manner once all four sections are secured inside. 

We recommend putting the butt section in first, with the tip down. From there, put each section in line with the butt down until all sections are inside the sock, then wrap it up upon itself and tie the laces together in a bow or similar “easy access” knot.

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