These are just a few of the many awards and trophies landed by competitors using Dohiku barbless hooks.


2017 World Champions - Team France 


2016 - Commonwealth Fly-fishing  Championships (10 countries; 70 competitors) - Individual Silver


2014 - Canadian National Fly Fishing Championships - Team Mustang - Team and Individual Silver



2014 - Fly Fishing Championship of Quebec - Ciprian Rafan - Individual Gold Medal



DOHIKU hooks are the mastermind of two European experts from Slovakia who eat, sleep and breathe catch and release fishing. The acute angles of design as well as the profiled lengthened points and 'surgical' sharpness ensure that once hooked, the fish have little chance of escaping while ensuring minimal harm to the fish.


 " I have used all barbless hooks available to become World Champion and Dohiku are simply outstanding! I have no doubts they offer the best hook up and landing of the fish ratio of any barbless hook. Every individual river fly I own and use are tied on Dohiku Hooks" - Iain Barr - Double World Fly Fishing Champion


This wild rainbow trout was landed on a Dohiku HDN 302 size 6. It weighed 3.5Kg (7.7 Lbs).