The Pipeline Pro P2 competition rod is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. Renown for its light weight and sensitivity, the P2 is fast becoming one of the most popular competition rods. It not only protects fine tippets, but also has the backbone to subdue larger fish when it counts. This rod has the appropriate action for European style nymphing and it also throws dry dropper and indicator rigs with ease. The P2 rod is also popular with drift boat guides and PWC anglers, as the length helps increase client drifts, reduce water slap during the back-cast and is easy to cast all day.

The new 9 FT 3 WT makes a great rod for both nymphing in tight brush and also casting a dry fly.

Rod includes protective rod tube and comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Note: if worse happens there will be no need to ship the rod to the US company. Just send an email with a picture showing the serial number and the broken section. Then the replacement part will be shipped to you, most likely from Canada. In just a few days you'll be back in business!


  • Helical Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Mid Flex, Fast Recovery Blank
  • 4A Cork Half Wells Grip
  • Hardwood Reel Seat Insert
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Reel Seat Components
  • Matte Finish Olive Blank
  • TiCH Single Foot Guides
  • Ceramic Insert Rings

Watch this Youtube video and see the bend in the rod at the 1:00 minute mark. Then see how the rod brings the fish to the net. One that didn't get away!


A well balanced rod and reel can make all the difference in fishing all day comfortably. The following tables are suggestions for achieving a great balance with each of our fly rods. Keep in mind that these are suggestions and actual reel weights may vary depending on the type and amount of line and backing put on the reel. These suggestions are guidelines and not rules.

Rod P21024 P21034 P21044 P21124 P21134
Length 10 Feet 10 Feet 10 Feet 11 Feet 11 Feet
Line  2 wt 3 wt 4 wt 2 wt 3 wt
Rod Weight 84 g 87.5 g 91 g 92 g 96 g
Fighting Butt No Optional No No


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sam Mirotta
Great value; excellent performance

Purchased P21034; couldn’t be happier; light weight and high quality makes nymphing super easy, responsiveness and flex protects fine tippet when fighting larger fish. Ordering another syndicate for steelhead fishing.

Lucas Gould
Pipeline P2 10 ft 3w

This rod was a total game changer! The sensitivity is incredible, I feel even small nymphs ticking rocks on the bottom this has lead to many more fish. The rod protects small tippets so well have landed 22inch fish on 6x many times. It also casts a floating dry line very well. This my do it all rod for trout fishing all my other rods are collecting dust. Syndicate rods builds and amazing product and the service quality from Successful Angler has be unreal. 10 outta 10 all around

Tom Irvine
P2 10 ft 2 wt A great competition rod

I was first introduced to the Syndicate P2 10 ft 2 wt on the water at the 2018 Commonwealth Fly Fishing Competition in Northern Ireland. I liked it so much I bought one . It is light weight ,sensitive, a joy to use all day and handles my Euro nymphing line and leader with ease. It's soft enough to protect even the lightest tippets (I have used down to .06mm diameter) and yet handles fish to the net with ease. I used it as my main nymphing rod on the 2019 Provincial Fly fishing competition on the Grand River and will do so again.The price is excellent and the life time warranty and easy photo replacement is a plus. I highly recommend this rod for the discerning angler who demands perfection in a nymphing rod.

Tom Irvine