Neon Wax - Euro Nymph Tippet Marker

Dab on the Euro Nymphing tippet for increased visibility. Rub off with a soft cloth.
Alternate colors depending on light conditions and the color of the river.

This is a soft wax you can apply to your sighter material to make it more visible or to any tippet to turn it into a sighter. Dab it on with your thumb with a little side to side motion as you slide the leader along. It is exceptionally bright and will help you see a dull sighter a lot more easily at distance. You can wipe it off easily with a cloth or with a few swipes of your fingers. You may need to reapply it a couple of times a day to maintain brightness.

Comes in a range of colors that will allow you to custom "paint" your sighter and make it visible in ANY light and water color conditions!!!

Also, there is no need to change the length for your tippet to adjust the position of the bi-color sighter depending on water depth. Just clean the marker and reapply it in a different spot.

Hand wash with detergent.