Seaguar Grand Max FX - Fluorocarbon 30 yds

The best fluorocarbon tippet line on the market from the company that invented it - the Seaguar "Double Structure Technology" makes Seaguar Grand Max FX incredibly strong and flexible with superior knot strength for diameter. Seaguar Grand Max FX is slightly softer than standard Seaguar Grand Max, allowing knots to bed down perfectly which aids strength and reduces knot size significantly. Perfect for trout tippet use when a delicate presentation is on the menu.

In the world of fluorocarbon fishing lines, anglers are often forced to choose between strength and suppleness, and between sensitivity and castability.

 The master line-masters at Seaguar have heard these requests, and answered them by creating the Double-Structure Fluorocarbons. These premium lines represent a complete revolution in line design, yielding a new standard with limitless possibilities that is exclusive to Seaguar — the creators of fluorocarbon fishing lines.

Double-Structure Fluorocarbons are the result of an innovative process that unites two different fluorocarbon resins into the finest fishing line available.

In Seaguar's proprietary co-extrusion process, a strong, sensitive fluorocarbon core is encased within a soft, supple, fluorocarbon exterior. By bonding the two resins Seaguar creates a Double-Structure Fluorocarbon line that exhibits the beneficial attributes of each of its two components. 

Two 100% fluorocarbon resins joined together as one. Only from Seaguar: Always the Best! Made in Japan!

30 yds/spool

0.090 mm - 7.5X  - 1.89 lbs - 0.86 kg

0.104 mm - 7X - 2.4 lbs - 1.1 kg

0.115 mm - 6.5X - 3.5 lbs - 1.6 kg

0.128 mm - 6X - 3.8 lbs - 1.75 kg

0.148 mm - 5.2X - 4.75 lbs - 2.2 kg

0.165 mm - 4.5X - 6.0 lbs - 2.72 kg

0.185 mm - 3.5X - 7.5 lbs - 3.4 kg

0.210 mm - 2.5X - 9.5 lbs - 4.31 kg

0.240 mm - 1.5X - 12.5 lbs - 5.66 kg