Snowbee XS Plus Countdown Sinking

Note: if you need a specific Snowbee line and you do not see it listed, please let us know and we will bring it for you.

This range has been designed to combine precise sink rates with maximum casting distance.

Unlike the low stretch lines which are rigid like a piece of wire, these lines have reduced stretch for sensitivity while still allowing a bit of cushion for protecting the tippet and the fish's mouth. The fish will stay hooked, all the way to the net.

Twin-colored to highlight the optimum loading point for distance casting.

All lines come with the new 2019 NANO Coating technology.

Silky smooth surface finish will keep the line clean, casting longer and farther, and memory free.

Each line comes with a 15 ml bottle of fly line cleaner specially formulated for the type of line in the box (sinking or floating).

Take advantage of this promotional offer. Similar lines cost twice as much!

The lines are coming strait from UK, unlike other European lines that go to US first, and have applied to them twice the customs fees, twice the shipping fees, twice the wholesale mark-up plus the retail mark-up and cost 100+$.

This promotional prices are for Canada only.