Glo-Brite fluorescent multi-yarn

The original - Made in UK!

Glo-Brite floss is mat with a thickness similar to 3/0 tying thread. It can be used to create a "tag" on the body of the fly, be it at the beginning or the end of the fly (notice I didn't say tail). It can also be used for a tail, however in this case you will need to "double it up" 8-12 times so it's thick enough.
Glo-Brite multi-yarn is shiny and translucent, about 8 times thicker then the Glo-Brite floss. It is used mainly for tails, and sometimes for wings.

Colors in the picture (left to right, top to bottom)

1 Neon Magenta 2 Pink 3 Crimson 4 Scarlet
5 Fire Orange 6 Hot Orange 7 Orange 8 Amber
9 Chrome Yellow 10 Yellow 11 Phosphor Yellow 12 Lime Green
13 Green 14 Blue 15 Purple 16 White