Glo-Brite fluorescent floss

The original - Made in UK!

Glo-Brite floss is mat with a thickness similar to 3/0 tying thread. It can be used to create a "tag" on the body of the fly, be it at the beginning or the end of the fly (notice I didn't say tail). It can also be used for a tail, however in this case you will need to "double it up" 8-12 times so it's thick enough.
Glo-Brite multi-yarn is shiny and translucent, about 8 times thicker then the Glo-Brite floss. It is used mainly for tails, and sometimes for wings.

Blue and purple are highly effective for salmon and steelhead!

Colors in the picture (left to right, top to bottom)

1 Neon Magenta 2 Pink 3 Crimson 4 Scarlet
5 Fire Orange 6 Hot Orange 7 Orange 8 Amber
9 Chrome Yellow 10 Yellow 11 Phosphor Yellow 12 Lime Green
13 Green 14 Blue 15 Purple 16 White