DOHIKU HDT - Stinger hook (Salmon, Muskey, Pike, Bass)

Labeled a ''stinger'' design, this awesome DOHIKU HDT hooks can handle any job you can dream up for a wide-gape design.

Outstanding for big pike ,deer hair bass bugs, Clouser Minnow variations, steelhead ,sea trout, walleye,catfish and more.

A more expensive steel and surface treatment are used for this range of hooks.

This is the best barbless hook available on the market for tying large flies!

Super-sharp point,hi-carbon,chemically sharpened with a black nickel finish.

10 pcs. per pack. MADE IN JAPAN.

Length (see picture): Size 4 = 30 mm, Size 2 = 36 mm, Size 1/0 = 60 mm, Size 2/0 = 78 mm

Wire thickness: Size 4 = 1.0 mm, Size 2 = 1.1 mm, Size 1/0 = 1.8 mm, Size 2/0 = 2.0 mm