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One of the best CDC on the market, highest quality feathers, hand selected and carefully packed. The quill is very thin and flexible and can easily be wrapped around the hook without noticeable bulk.

Imported from Europe.

While there are lots of brands available, this one stands apart. When doing 'hot dyeing' is when the feathers micro barbs get 'burned'.

These high quality CDC feathers are cold dyed.

Colors: natural dun (great for nymphs' legs or caddis flies),  white, yellow, light olive, olive, ginger, honey (excellent for mayflies), pink, fluo pink, brown, cinnamon, blue, grey dun (perfect for blue winged olive dry fly), black, orange (peach).

Dyed Feathers are from 4 to 5 cm (1.5 - 2 inch) long and may be used for dubbing (using a clamp tool) or tying wings for mayflies. The natural dun and wild duck dun feathers are shorter and more uneven in size.

Each pack contains 0.25g (about 30-40 feathers depending on size and fluffiness).