Competition river net - POD05

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Competition style, river landing net.

New: Black anodized alloy!

High quality knot-less mesh complies with competition and catch and release rules. The mesh is wide enough to allow water through and tight enough to not tangle with a magnetic net release.

The net is deep enough so fish will not be lost on the way to the controller.

The landing net frame is made from high quality aluminum alloy anodized black. The handle is made from hardwood, impregnated with varnish for high durability. 

A rubber cord is running (looped) through the handle and net frame and ends with a metal clip. The rubber cord can extend to about four feet (1.2m) allowing the net to be attached to the vest and be deployed without the need of a magnetic holder. Then when you are done just let it loose and it will go back by itself without the need to search for the magnetic holder!

Frame size 40 x 53 cm (16 in x 21 in).  Overall length: 65cm.

Net depth: 40 cm (16 in)

Weight: 195 g (7 oz)